The secretary general’s office of the Bishops’ Conference of Mexico has called on the country’s newly elected officials to not to rest “until justice, peace, equity and fulfillment of life for all Mexicans is an indisputable and palpable fact.”
In a statement the secretary general praised Mexicans for participating in the July 4 elections and making them “the greatest display of democracy in Mexico.”
Their vote lends validity to the country’s political and governmental institutions, and fosters “confidence in their structures,” the secretary said.  However, he lamented the low voter turnout, and the fear and suffering that some regions of the country are experiencing.
Mexico needs the newly elected officials to take up their responsibilities as “servants of the people” and to stand out as good and generous leaders, the secretary said.  “Mexico needs peace. We need a better Mexico that is rich, strong, and great,” he said, adding that any elections that are contested should be resolved by the electoral courts.