Lima cardinal: Let’s not imitate Argentina with homosexual 'marriage'

ppcipriani060710 Cardinal Juan Cipriani Thorne.

The Archbishop of Lima, Cardinal Juan Cipriani Thorne, told Peruvians this week they must not imitate the bad examples of countries like Argentina, whose Senate recently approved so-called homosexual “marriage.” The Peruvian cardinal also called on candidates in the upcoming elections not to use this issue to win votes.

During his radio program, the cardinal encouraged listeners to support what is good for Peru and not be dependent upon the agendas of foreign entities.  “I say this because we are on the eve of the elections and the agendas of some are beginning to include issues from other countries,” he said.

The cardinal also advised Peruvians to evaluate whether those who aspire to represent them in the upcoming elections have a spirit of service.  “A politician is one whom we assign to address the problems of the city … He is not the owner of anyone, but rather the representative of those who elect him, and I would define him with these words: spirit of service.  Do you want to serve others or do you want to take advantage of them?” Therein lies the difference “between a good or bad candidate,” he said.

Cardinal Cipriani went on to note that this vocation to service seems to have been lost. 

“That vocation has been lost and many times what we get are just a lot words and promises.  I would say one thing.  Do you see in that person someone who wants to serve you, someone willing to work overtime to help and resolve problems?”

Days earlier in the southern city of Arequipa, the cardinal recalled that marriage is the union between a man and a woman, and he urged it be defended as the foundation for the future of society.

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