Spanish judge fined for refusing to allow adoption by lesbian couple

ppfernando200710 Judge Fernando Ferrin Calamita

Next month, former Judge Fernando Ferrin Calamita will be forced to pay the Spanish government $127,000 for denying a lesbian couple’s request to adopt a girl.

Ferrin, who is married and a father of seven, was a judge in the Spanish towns of Huesca, Bejar and Chiclana.  He also served as a family court judge in Murcia from 1999 to 2008, when the Supreme Court suspended him for two years and three months for ruling against the controversial adoption.

In Ferrin’s ruling he ordered a report be obtained from experts on the consequences the adoption would have on the girl’s development.

In December of 2009, the Supreme Court suspended him, fined him $919 and ordered him to pay the couple $7,661.

According to the organization, Professionals for Ethics, “the powerful Spanish homosexual lobby, with the consent or passivity of all the institutions, decided to punish Ferrin and make him an example.”  He was accused of maliciously delaying the adoption request and subjected to pressure and blackmail.  

“This process has had as its purpose the expulsion of Fernando Ferrin from the bench, after a career as a just judge with an impeccable record … But this is not all.  Now the government is demanding he repay his salary of $127,000 which he received while on temporary suspension. 

“Although Ferrin plans to appeal this ruling, he must pay the fine before August 5,” the organization stated.

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