Archdiocese of Mexico City rejects Supreme Court ruling on same-sex 'marriage'

In a press release, the Archdiocese of Mexico City criticized the country’s Supreme Court for ruling in favor of the constitutionality of same-sex “marriage” in the country's capital city. The statement added that the testimony leading to the ruling was “conducted with a flippant and sneaky attitude.”

After lamenting the decision allowing gay “marriage” in Mexico City, the archdiocese stated that “Once again, we have been witnesses of the inequity with which laws are interpreted to unilaterally favor extraordinary situations that do not reflect the activity of a natural human society or its reason for existence.”

“The ruling of the nation’s Supreme Court that the legal recognition of marriage between two persons of the same sex is constitutional manifests an incapability of seeing in nature and the laws of God the legal boundary that prevents humanity from destroying and confusing itself,” continued the archdiocese. The statement added that the discussion leading up to the ruling “was conducted with a flippant and sneaky attitude.”

“We cannot help but express our hope that this ruling is not binding on all the States of the Republic and that state legislatures, as on other occasions, will come to the defense of the human and family values of the Mexican citizens who have given them their vote of confidence to respond to these debates.”

Likewise, it continued, “the Archdiocese of Mexico City hopes the Court’s discussion on the adoption of children by same-sex couples will take into account and give priority to the greater good of children and protect their fundamental human right to have a family made up of a father and a mother.”

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