Lawmakers from the ruling Spanish socialist party (PSOE) have decided to withdraw support for proposals to legalize abortion on demand during the first trimester of pregnancy, hoping rather to include such proposals in the Penal Code reforms slated for next year.

The announcement was made by Socialist representative Pilar Lopez, who said that although the party agreed with the proposals, “now is not the time” to propose such changes, and that instead the proposal should be included in next year’s revision of the country’s Penal Code.

Likewise, Lopez announced the Socialist party is seeking to achieve a “social contract” with feminist movements, doctors, heath care professionals, and lawyers in order to pass an “sexual health law,” which Lopez says would enable efforts to prevent unwanted pregnancy among teens.

“The Popular Party has set us back years in terms of sexual education, especially in schools, and we need to foster it in order to reduce unwanted pregnancies, which have increased in the last few years,” Lopez claimed.

Current Spanish law permits abortion for rape, the life of mother or if the fetus is at risk for mental or physical retardation.

Current proposals by leftist lawmakers would allow abortion “when, in the judgment of the woman, pregnancy would result in personal, family or social conflict.”