The Archbishop of Guadalajara, Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez, charged last week that the laws recently passed in Mexico City relaxing abortion restrictions, allowing same-sex marriage and adoption by homosexual couples are contrary to the natural order and to democracy.

In an article published by the archdiocese’s newspaper Semanario, the cardinal explained that the laws are “immoral and greatly endanger the country.” He added that “if they are implemented, they will seriously damage the life of the nation and the institution of marriage.”

These laws go against “the natural law which we will all have imprinted on our hearts and that is inscribed in nature,” Cardinal Iniguez said.

The cardinal went on to note that the new norms “harm or contradict Sacred Scripture and the Christian faith that is shared by the majority of the Mexican people. For this reason, the result is that these laws go against the opinion of the majority. There were even polls on the adoption of children by homosexual couples, for example, and most people said they were against them.”

For this reason, these “laws are dictatorial and contrary to democracy. They denigrate governors and legislators in their role as representatives without absolute power, but rather the power bestowed on them by their constituents. They cannot legislate either against the natural law or against the will of the people,” the cardinal said.

After pointing out that more than 40,000 abortions have already taken place in Mexico City since the legalization of the practice, Cardinal Iniguez asked, “How is it possible that a few individuals can pass a law affecting 110 million Mexicans without taking them or the opinion of the majority into account?”

He concluded his article saying, “Unjust laws must be overturned. We need to reflect and reverse these norms that are, as I said, dictatorial, and that a nation seeking democracy must not allow.”