Legionaries of Christ give birth to European University in Rome

The Legionaries of Chirst, a congregation of priests founded in Mexico in 1941, have given birth to the European University of Rome, a private, Catholic, civilly recognized institution which will maintain a particular focus on the philosophy, history, and legal thought of Europe’s past, present, and future.

During the press conference introducing the new university, Fr. Paolo Scarofoni, L.C., president of Rome's Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Atheneum – also a university founded by the Legionaries of Christ – said that "the name of The European University of Rome highlights the relationship between the past which remains as heritage and the future which is still to be built."

"In referring to 'Rome' we find the best of classical Greco-Roman humanism, elevated by Christianity, which itself incorporated the best of many different cultures, both eastern and western. Modern Europe, sometimes overshadowed by fears of a cultural decadence, can be enlightened and morally strengthened by these two rich sources," said Fr. Scarofoni.

Classes at the university will begin in mid-October 2005, with four graduate-level programs in Philosophy, History, Psychology and Law.

The philosophy program at The European University of Rome will emphasize the history of philosophy and thought, while pursuing direct contact with reality in search of metaphysical and ethical truth.

The history department will transcend a mere dialectical and ideological vision by accentuating the study of historical facts, through recourse to original documents and testimonies.

The foundations of a given judicial system lie in the collective values of the nation within which it arises. The Law department will focus on a study of these foundations, a theme which is of particular relevancy in this period of change and development in European and international law.

Special importance will be given to the concept of the 'human person,' which lies at the heart of western culture. The department of Psychology aims at providing the bases for an integral vision of man in the light of human behavior and its motivations and causes.

The Legionaries of Christ have congregations in 25 countries throughout Europe and the Americas and direct 12 universities and 150 schools. 

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