Catholic magazine denounces violence against pro-life women in Argentina

In its November edition the Argentinean Catholic magazine Familia y Vida (Family and Life) has published a full report on the violent attacks against pro-life advocates that took place at the National Women’s Conference in the city of Parana between Oct. 9 and 11.

While the country’s secular media completely ignored the story, Family and Life published its November edition early in order to provide readers complete coverage, including analysis, eye-witness accounts and exclusive photos filed by its team of journalists.

The magazine reported that the violent attacks by pro-abortion feminists left 50 women injured, and one hospitalized.  The story was passed over by the vast majority of local and national news media.

It also detailed how pro-abortion groups sought to expel women who were identified as Catholics from a workshop in which the issue of abortion was debated, to keep them from voicing their opinions.

Likewise, it provided ample coverage of how left-wing and pro-abortion groups that were unable to attack nearby Catholic churches—which were being guarded by hundreds of Catholics—resorted to spray-painting local homes, business and public areas with anti-Catholic slogans, as well as vandalizing the public schools that they were allowed to use for their accommodations.

Since 1980 similar women’s conferences have taken in place in various cities across Argentina. They often provide a forum for the development of proposed legislation that later makes its way into state and federal legislatures.

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