1000 British women per year obtain illegal abortions in Barcelona

Workers from the private clinic Ginemedex in Barcelona, Spain, acknowledged this week that the facility carries out illegal abortions, including those beyond 24 weeks, for alleged “urgent” health reasons.  According to sources, 1,120 late-term abortions are carried out each year on British women.

The findings were reported by two journalists of The Sunday Telegraph, which published a detailed report on abortions at the Barcelona clinic.

According to the Spanish daily ABC, “80% of  Ginemedex’s clients come from the United Kingdom, where the law permits abortion up to the 24th week.”

“Some 1,120 late-term abortions are carried out annually at Ginemedex.  Probably in most cases the fetus and the mother are in perfect condition, with no physical or mental risks, since otherwise an abortion could be obtained in the United Kingdom legally and cheaper,” said the newspaper.

“If you have a normal pregnancy and you wish to abort, what we put on paper is that there was a gynecological urgency,” a clinic worker told the British journalists, adding that this way the clinic takes advantage of a loop-hole in Spanish law.

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