ABC reports that Ginemedex closely collaborates with the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), an organization that performs abortions and receives funding from the national health system.

The BPAS “openly recommends those who are at the 24 week limit or beyond to go to the Barcelona clinic if they wish to obtain an abortion, providing the phone number of the clinic without mentioning that the procedure is also illegal in Spain.”

British Health Minister John Reid has announced that an investigation has been launched, because a state-funded institution cannot perform abortions beyond what is specified in British law “nor can it break the law in another European country.”

After being advised by the BPAS to contact the Ginemedex clinic, one of the British reporters, Charlotte Edwards, who is 24 weeks pregnant, called the Barcelona clinic to confirm whether or not she could obtain an abortion.  “Edwards recorded the telephone conversations in which personnel from the Ginemedex clinic repeatedly assured here that it provides abortion and falsifies documents, citing ‘gynecological emergency’ as a justification.”

Weeks later, Edwards, together with another reporter, traveled to Barcelona during the 26th week of her pregnancy.  Doctor Tanda recognized her and arranged everything for an abortion.  “During the visit, one of the nurses told the supposed client that the clinic performs abortions as well on women even after the 30th week, killing the fetus with a lethal injection.  After obtaining all this information, the two reporters disappeared and returned to London,” ABC reported.

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