Family expert accuses Spain of turning society against human life

The president of the Institute for Family Policy in Spain, Eduardo Hertfelder, recently accused the Spanish government of working to transform society and turn it against man, human life and the family.

On March 9, Spain’s Health Ministry, headed by Leire Pajin, made $139,660 available to the homosexual community to create a public awareness campaign aimed at preventing the spread of AIDS among same-sex couples.

Hertfelder told CNA the next day that the purpose of the campaign is to promote the use of condoms.

He said the move was another confirmation that “Pajin doesn’t have the political will either to reduce AIDS or to create a truly informative sexual education campaign." Rather, he continued, Pajin "intends to support communities that are completely ideologically driven.”

Hertfelder called the plan a complete misuse of tax-payer money characteristic of Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's administration. “He promotes many things that are detrimental to the human person,” Hertfelder said.

The way to reduce the spread of AIDS is not by funding the homosexual community or promoting the use of condemns, he continued, but by empowering “those measures that are designed to reduce and prevent sexual relations (among same-sex couples) and thus promote chastity.”

In the past year, the Spanish government has liberalized the country’s abortion law and legalized same-sex unions. It has also championed the school course Education for the Citizenry, which critics say promotes secularism, gender ideology, abortion and undermines parents’ rights to educate their children according to their own moral convictions.

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