Anglicans express disappointment, regret after no solution is reached over homosexual bishop

The Anglican Communion Network and the American Anglican Council are deeply saddened that within minutes of the Windsor Report’s release, the primate of the Episcopal Church in the U.S. had rejected its core presupposition, that is, the church’s traditional teaching on human sexuality.

Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church Frank Griswold has expressed "regret" that the appointment of a homosexual bishop has threatened to split the worldwide Anglican Church. But he did not apologize as called for in the Windsor Report. He confirmed that the trend is unstoppable within the Episcopalian Church in the United States.

The report called on the 50 bishops, who attended the episcopal ordination of openly homosexual clergyman Gene Robinson to the New Hampshire Diocese, to apologize. It also called for a moratorium on the consecration of homosexual candidates.

The report, produced by the Lambeth Commission, demanded an explanation from the Anglican Church in the U.S., known as Episcopalian, about "how a person living in a same gender union may be considered eligible to lead the flock of Christ." Scripture must be used to back up the explanation, it said.

“We see a critical need for a Core Covenant and applaud this recommendation by the Commission,” said the Anglican Communion Network and the American Anglican Council.

Many Anglican clergy believe the Bible explicitly condemns homosexuality. Several African sections of the church were outraged over the ordination and even broke ties with the U.S. church. Many are still demanding the suspension of the U.S. church.

In fact, the Anglican Communion Network and the American Anglican Council have expressed their concern that that the Windsor Report failed to recommend direct discipline of U.S. church.

The Windsor Report also urges all members of the church to work together, while acknowledging that serious divisions exist. 

“We understand and embrace the justifiable concern for the unity of the communion, and we treasure real unity,” Anglican Communion Network and the American Anglican Council.  “We cannot in good conscience, however, support such unity at the expense of truth.”

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said the fact that the commission had been unanimous in its findings "counts as a considerable achievement and a sign of hope".

He added: "There is plenty to digest and there should be no rush to judgement.

"We want voices round the communion to be heard and we will be putting in place a careful and wide-ranging process for gathering responses,” he said.

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