Several college students in Spain recently responded to 25 controversial questions about the Catholic Church. The group used the responses to create a series of videos to prepare young people for World Youth Day 2011.

The series of videos titled, “WYD Young Answers,” consists of one-minute clips in which the young people explain that condoms “are not the only means for stopping the spread of AIDS.”
One student notes that by promoting the use of condoms against AIDS, “people end up with a false sense of security.

“(T)hey are encouraged to have sexual relations using a condom, and more people are exposed to AIDS.”
The young people also speak out against the use of condoms by married couples, saying it signifies “zero commitment.” One young woman notes that the Church promotes “responsible parenthood” and that there are no unhealthy side effects to the “natural methods that involve abstaining during a few days.”
They also defend abstinence before marriage by pointing out that the Church, “more than prohibiting pre-marital sex, is instead promoting an alternative way of life.”
The college students also take up the issue of homosexuality, stressing that “the Church says first of all that nobody should suffer discrimination.” 
“It’s not that the Church is against homosexuals, but rather against the homosexual act because it is not open to life.”
In another video the students applaud the Catholic Church’s consistency on issues related to human life and the family, despite “the pressure,” including euthanasia and the defense of palliative care.
They also confront the clerical sexual abuse scandal head on and argue that the Church is made up of “imperfect” human beings. 
One student notes that it is “very shocking” when a priest commits abuse “because of his duty to mankind” but that it is “equally shocking” when abuse is committed by parents.
The young people touch on a number of other issues, including the ordination of women, celibacy, the riches of the Church and the costs of World Youth Day.
The videos can be viewed at: