Kiko Argüello, 82, who co-founded the Neocatechumenal Way, was discharged from the hospital Tuesday and will continue to recover from COVID-19 at home.

“Kiko has been discharged from hospital and will continue to recover at home. We will inform you in a few days on the state of his health; for the time being we are suspending the daily bulletins. We continue to pray for his complete recovery,” said Fr. Mario Pezzi and Ascensión Romero in an April 6 statement from the International Team of the Neocatechumenal Way.

“Along with the good news about Kiko's health, the explosion of joy from the Easter Vigil continues to resound to us throughout the world. May the Lord keep us in the peace of the Risen One! Happy Eastertide!,” concludes the message.

Argüello was admitted to a Madrid hospital April 1 after showing signs of the “beginnings of pneumonia” a week after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Initially Argüello had a fever, needed oxygen, and had the beginnings of pneumonia, but by April 3 he began to show signs of improvement. Subsequently he did not need oxygen and the fever was gone.