Abortion activists want to eliminate Day of the Unborn Child in Argentine city

Argentina flag Credit Henner Damke Shutterstock CNA The flag of Argentina | Henner Damke via Shutterstock

A recently adopted municipal measure to observe March 25 as the Day of the Unborn Child in Lomas de Zamora faces opposition from abortion activists, while it is being defended by the local Church.

A city ordinance to observe the day was passed unanimously by the Lomas de Zamora city council April 28. 

The initiative was promoted by Juntos por el Cambio, an Argentine political coalition, following other municipalities that have established the celebration, such as Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires Province, Herrera in Entre Ríos Province, and Río Grande in Tierra del Fuego Province.

On May 5, pro-abortion groups protested and demanded the annulment of the ordinance, as it would affect the implementation of the abortion law passed in December 2020 with the backing of President Alberto Fernández.

Members of Fernández’ coalition, Frente de Todos, have announced their desire to repeal the city ordinance.

In a May 10 message to the city council, the Social Pastoral Ministry of the Diocese of Lomas de Zamora expressed its disconcertment over “the pressure by certain political and ideological groups” who wish to repeal the ordinance. 

The diocese’s social ministry said that it is "painful, and no less scandalous, that the word given and the commitment made to the people of Lomas de Zamora should be subject to senseless attempts."

"The value of life cannot be questioned under any circumstances and each person in our municipality must know that here everyone can find a place," the ministry said.

They encouraged the council to "ratify said ordinance and continue to represent the values to which the vast majority of the local community subscribe.”

Jorge Villalba,  a member of Juntos por el Cambio, told Inforegión news that repealing the ordinance would be "a serious mistake," because the bill was unanimously approved and seeks to protect pregnant women.

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