Style and dignity woven together in 'Worthy of Wearing'

Worthy of Wearing

Nicole Caruso, professional makeup artist and beauty consultant, invites women to explore their feminine genius with her book Worthy of Wearing, released Tuesday.

Worthy of Wearing started as a movement on social media where my friends and I could share the one way we felt reminded of our God-given beauty without waiting for an occasion,” said Caruso, previously the beauty editor of Verily Magazine. 

“No matter our state in life, many women struggle with the fine line between intentional personal style that radiates the joy of an authentic Christian, and attention-seeking fashion that is devoid of dignity and erases the uniqueness of our feminine genius as daughters of Christ,” she said.

Caruso, who is also a mother of three, wanted to write a book that ties together the innate dignity of women and fashion. The book includes the writings of Saint John Paul II and quotes from the saints to provide the backdrop of her ideas about fashion and beauty. 


“The vision of this book came from my experience working in beauty, fashion, and media, where women of faith were often left out of the conversation about personal style,” she said. “With more than two billion Christians in the world, it is a surprise that this is one of the few books that layers self-worth, identity in Christ, modern style, and beautiful design and photography into one volume.”

Caruso shares expert shopping tips and encouragement, while discussing personal style, body type, and color palettes in the 216-page coffee table book. She also weaves in visual and written stories of real women and the struggles they face with body image and fashion in today’s world.


“Because so many women, like myself, carry wounds surrounding self-worth, whether it be from feeling unworthy of love, unworthy of pursuing a life of faith, or unworthy of wearing clothes that boost confidence and represent our inherent dignity as women, the message within its pages is universal,” she said. “My hope is that this book and movement helps women of all walks of life know they are seen and loved by Christ.” 


Sprinkled throughout the pages are sections for self reflection and contemplation with the Church’s teaching and individual aspirations. Dressing well, Caruso said, is one way to share the Gospel.

“With just a few practical tips and time to reflect on who Christ made them to be, they can begin to uncover their personal style and go forth in their mission with more confidence and presence to those they serve each day.”

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