Bishop José Armando Álvarez Cano of Tampico is seeking an exorcist for the diocese.

A July 7 article in the diocesan magazine said the exorcist must "attend to certain situations that have occurred in the last few months in the Church in Tampico."

The publication also stated that the priests of the diocese recently participated in a training session held by the College of Exorcists of the Archdiocese of Mexico.

Exorcism is a remedy for diabolical possession. 

Fr. Jordan Aumann, a Dominican of the Central Province who died in 2007, wrote that “for solemn exorcism it is necessary to verify with certainty the reality of diabolical possession and then obtain the express permission of the bishop for the exorcism.”

He added that the exorcist should prepare himself by confession, fasting, and prayer, and perform the rite in a church or chapel.

Once the devil has been cast out, he wrote, “the exorcist should petition God to command the devil never again to enter the body he has just left. The exorcist should give thanks to God and exhort the liberated patient to bless God and carefully to avoid sin lest he or she fall again under the domination of the devil.”