The Archbishop of Durando, Mexico, Hector Gonzalez Martinez, warned Mexicans this week that people who suffer from illnesses due to stress and are seeking a cure through human remedies should consider that total alleviation of the ills of the soul can be found in the Gospel.

During a Mass celebrated at the Cathedral of Durango, the Archbishop explained that when society turns its back on the Word of God it begins to live in chaos.

Archbishop Gonzalez said that "Catholics are frightened when Protestants say the world will end soon" and "society begins to live in stress, in chaos, with no peace, not only because of the end of the world but also because of trivial things.  Those who believe these things are the ones who get scared; the rest of us keep on working."

He also called on the faithful not to torment themselves with stress and to remember that the believer will live in peace with himself and with others "if he lives with spiritual tranquility and following the teaching of the Gospel."

Archbishop Gonzalez told the faithful gathered at the Cathedral to strive to build a better today and to not get bogged down with the future, as they can make the Kingdom of God visible every day in their daily tasks.