Pro-life groups respond as Dutch queen advocates for abortion in Texas

Queen Maxima of Netherlands speaks during a visit to the Q2 Stadium in Austin, Texas, on September 8, 2022. Queen Maxima of Netherlands speaks during a visit to the Q2 Stadium in Austin, Texas, on September 8, 2022. - The royal visit to Texas is meant to highlight the strong economic partnership between the United States and Netherlands. The visit was hosted by Austin FC Co-Owner and recently announced Honorary Consulate to the Netherlands, Marius A. Haas, as well as Austin FC President Andy Loughnane. | Suzanne Cordiero/AFP via Getty Images

Texas pro-life leaders are challenging Queen Máxima of the Netherlands after she advocated for abortion while meeting with Gov. Greg Abbott in that state.

Unlike the queen’s country, the state of Texas limits abortion in most cases.

“The moral reality is that the Netherlands should in fact follow Texas’ lead when it comes to protecting innocent human life,” Texas Right to Life President Dr. John Seago told CNA. “Not only do they have one of the most extreme pro-abortion laws, but they also have been one of the most aggressive countries pushing for the euthanasia of vulnerable patients.”

His comments come after the queen, together with the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Corporation Liesje Schreinemacher, met with the Texas Republican governor. The queen spoke about abortion, telling press afterward that “we are completely behind that,” according to Dutch outlet NL Times, via news agency ANP, and broadcaster NOS.

Máxima added that her message to Texas women is the same as her message to other women: that they should be able to access abortion, NL Times reported on Sept. 10.

Schreinemacher also called for abortion in Texas.

“There’s one point of concern that I wanted to raise, and that is on the right to safe abortion for women. Obviously, the Netherlands has a strong standpoint in that,” Schreinemacher told Abbott, according to KXAN, a local news outlet in Austin, Texas. 

She spoke, KXAN reported, after Máxima talked about how Texas-Netherlands relations benefit both economies. She suggested they work together on abortion, too.

“I was wondering if we could, maybe partner up as counterparts to see what we can do in that [abortion] stance for Texas,” Schreinemacher said.

The Netherlands allows abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy for any reason. After 24 weeks, abortion is permitted for “serious medical reasons.”

Effective Aug. 25, Texas limits abortion in most cases, with exceptions to prevent the death or “substantial impairment of a major bodily function” of the woman.

In response, Abbott advocated for protecting both mother and child.

“One thing we put high importance on here is the safety and health of the mother,” the governor told the Dutch officials, KXAN reported. “But the other thing we put importance on is the safety and health of the baby.”

The pro-life response

Following the queen’s visit, pro-life groups in Texas applauded Abbott as a pro-life governor.

“Gov. Greg Abbott has a long history of supporting policies built on respect for the dignity of all human beings including Texas mothers, their children, and vulnerable patients,” Seago said.

Texas Alliance for Life Communications Director Amy O’Donnell also expressed gratitude for Abbott and stressed that the Netherlands should learn from Texas’ example.

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“It is unfortunate that Queen Máxima and Minister Schreinemacher are under the misconception that Gov. Abbott needs schooling on the abortion issue and the ability of women to advance in society,” O’Donnell told CNA. “We have complete confidence that governor and First Lady Abbott can educate the Dutch royals on how Texas successfully protects unborn babies from abortion while providing vast resources for women with unplanned pregnancies.”

Among other things, the Texas Pregnancy Care Network, funded entirely with general revenues from the state of Texas, offers help to mothers and babies by supporting pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and more, CNA previously reported.

O’Donnell added: “Texas proves that women have the ability to achieve economic and social equality without abortion.”

Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values, said that his group agrees with the governor that Texas is a state that supports both women and babies.

“We are the ninth-largest economy in the world, so we can understand that the Netherlands would travel to Texas to learn more about the culture that is the basis for our economic prosperity,” he told CNA.

Queen Máxima was raised Catholic and previously attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina. She has also met with Pope Francis. The Catholic Church teaches that human life is sacred from the moment of conception and considers abortion — the destruction of a human person — a grave evil. 

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