Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore believes that the fight for religious liberty has not been damaged the Supreme Court's ruling that President Obama's Affordable Care Act is constitutional.

"My reaction is that the bishops have never joined in seeking to have the whole law overturned," he told CNA during a visit to Rome June 28.  

"We were looking that federal dollars would not be used for abortions, that there was conscience protection and help for immigrants. None of that is in the bill. None of those were touched by the decision in a substantial way."

Archbishop Lori has been chairman of the U.S. Bishop's Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty since September 2011. This Wednesday, July 4, will witness the culmination of the bishops' Fortnight for Freedom campaign.

He believes that the past 14 days of prayer, study, catechesis, and public action has helped focus minds on "a legislative fix" for those points of dispute contained within the White House healthcare plans.

He is also encouraged by the dozens of lawsuits that are now making their way through courts in various jurisdictions challenging those areas of the legislation which the Church views as breaching the First Amendment.

"I would have no idea how quickly they will be heard," he said when asked about the legal time line, "but my hope and prayer would be that they are heard rather quickly however."

Overall, he said he has been delighted at how many Americans have now become engaged "in the broader struggle to defend religious liberty which is eroded in our culture."

"So don't give up, don't imagine that all is lost, it's not," he said, adding that "the struggle is fresh, important and more vital than ever."