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Oct. 7 marks the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, when the Catholic Church celebrates its most beloved devotion to the Virgin Mary.

Like every other year, the rosary continues to stand the test of time — even though a widely-shared Atlantic article this summer went viral for accusing the rosary of being a violent “extremist symbol.” 

As Padre Pio himself once stated, however, the rosary is a Catholic’s most powerful spiritual weapon — myths aside. So what better way to celebrate this feast day than to give the gift of praying the rosary to your family and friends — or even yourself?

Read our ultimate rosary gift guide to discover some of the best, most unique rosaries available.

Best Artisan Rosaries — House of Joppa

House of Joppa’s artisan rosaries are handcrafted by more than Catholic artisans who are featured by the small family-owned business (including this beautiful antique St. Joan of Arc Rosary). Operated by converts to the faith Matthew and Tabitha Kidman and their five children, House of Joppa was started with the intention of bringing the beauty of Catholic art and tradition into the home. Bonus: Check out these rosary prayer cards, perfect for those just starting to learn how to pray the rosary!

Featured: Little French rosary in Light Wood, handmade by Monastic Sisters in Lourdes, France

Best Rosary for Women — West Coast Catholic

We’ve found that West Coast Catholic has some of the most beautiful and feminine rosaries for women. Owned by wife and husband duo Mari and Trey Wagner, West Coast Catholic was started “to bring the awe of heaven into every home through meaningful, aesthetic Catholic pieces that draw the heart and mind back to our Creator.” The shop creates rosaries, jewelry, and even apparel.

Featured: Mary’s Immaculate Heart rosary

Best Rosary for Men – Rugged Rosaries

Another best-selling brand, Rugged Rosaries’ creations are exactly what they sound like: the most sturdy and combat-proof rosaries possible. Rugged Rosaries uses original military-grade paracord and antique bronze medals to construct rosaries that can withstand the toughest conditions. Made with men in mind and built to withstand the hardest spiritual battles, Rugged Rosaries also has a historical 1916 WWI-era combat rosary, the closest replica to the original design.

Featured: Soldier’s Camo Paracord Rosary

Rosaries for Babies — Chews Life

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Chews Life’s best-selling silicone teething rosaries for babies are great, but we may love the company’s mission even more! The Michigan-based company is run by more than 30 Catholic women who hand-string rosaries for moms and babies. Chews Life also supports faith in the home by providing resources for families to pray together, including the Rosary Group tool, which helps Catholics across the country start their own prayer gatherings. Be sure to also check out their child’s saint bracelets and crib shoes!

Featured: Matching Divine Mercy Mama and Baby Rosary Set

Rosaries from Around the World — The Catholic Woodworker

If you’re searching for traditional rosaries made around the world, look no further than the Catholic Woodworker. The artisan woodworking shop partners with Catholics around the world to craft masculine, traditional and ethically-sourced rosaries from other countries at an affordable price — with a special focus on equipping men for spiritual battle in the modern world. Rosaries and home altars, like this St. Joseph one, are locally-sourced from Catholic woodworkers including those in the U.S., Brazil and the Philippines.

Featured: Handcrafted Brazilian Wood Rosary with St. Michael’s Armor 

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Best Pro-Life Rosary — EWTN’s Designer Shop

For pro-life warriors, EWTN’s designer pro-life rosaries are the obvious choice. Made by premier Italian rosary-maker Ghirelli in collaboration with Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz, EWTN’s gift catalog offers several beautifully-crafted rosaries made with Bohemian beads from the Czech Republic and Holy Family medallions. This rosary is perfect for praying outside of abortion clinics, or even for daily use, with a special focus on the sanctity of human life.

Featured: National Life Rosary

Best Vintage Rosaries — Relics By Rose

If you’re searching for a secondhand rosary, look no further than Rubylane’s online shop, which collects thrifted rosaries dating back as early as the 1800s. What better way to connect with the faith through the ages than praying the devotion on a one-of-a-kind rosary in need of a new home? Be sure to look for antique rosaries from other countries, such as this 1920s Spanish Vermeil Filigree Rosary. 

Featured: Turquoise French Antique Silver Gilt Rosary circa 1900s

Rosary from the Holy Land — Holy Land Gifts

Whether you’ve been to the Holy Land or not, connect with the roots of the faith with this olive wood rosary made in Jerusalem. Check out the rest of this shop for hand-carved figurines, nativity sets, and more.

Featured: Olive Wood Rosary from the Holy Land

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