UPDATE: NYC professor who vandalized student pro-life display is fired

Hunter College Shellyne Rodriguez vandalized a pro-life display on May 2 that was sponsored by Students for Life of America. | YouTube/Students For Life May 18, 2023, YouTube/Whitney Museum of American Art Feb 28, 2018

A professor at Hunter College in New York City who vandalized a pro-life display on May 2 that was sponsored by Students for Life of America has been fired.

The new development comes the same day that the New York Post reported that the same professor, Shellyne Rodriguez, chased one of the outlet’s reporters with a machete after he tried to ask her questions outside of her Bronx apartment.

Rodriguez, who was an adjunct assistant professor and a member of the public university’s studio art faculty, is shown in a video insulting a group of pro-life students with expletives, while criticizing their display.

“You’re not educating s*. This is f**** propaganda,” she said to the students.

Rodriguez can be seen flipping a case holding fetal models and pushing informational cards off the table. The incident was caught on video and can be seen below. 

The professor used several profanities in communicating her anger to the students. 

“What are you going to do, like, anti-trans next?” she asked. “Is that what you’re going to do next?”

“I mean, no. We are talking about abortion,” a male student responds. 

“This is bull****. This is violent,” she responded. “You’re triggering my students.”

“I’m sorry about that,” the same student responded.

“No you’re not because you can’t even have a f****** baby,” she said. “So you don’t even know what that is.”

She continued: “You don’t even know what this is. Get this s* the f out of here. F this s*.”

In a statement to CNA Tuesday, Vince DiMiceli, a spokesperson for the college, said “Hunter College strongly condemns the unacceptable actions of Shellyne Rodriguez, and has taken immediate action.”

“Rodriguez has been relieved of her duties at Hunter College effective immediately, and will not be returning to teach at the school,” DiMiceli said.

A spokesperson for the college told Fox News Digital that an investigation into Rodriguez’s actions has been opened and that the school is “taking this matter very seriously.”

The spokesperson told Fox News Digital that an investigation into Rodriguez’s actions has been opened and that the school is “taking this matter very seriously.”

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Hunter College is part of the City University of New York (CUNY) system and has an enrollment of 16,550 undergraduate students and 6,368 graduate students, 61% of whom are from New York City.

“This is clearly unacceptable behavior for a professional in any field, but particularly stunning for someone who is meant to educate students in a professional and unbiased manner,” Students For Life of America regional coordinator Taylor McGee said in an article from her organization.

“Professionals in a workplace have no business berating students for any reason, especially for peacefully engaging in dialogue. Free speech is essential for the growth and development of society, and we’ve seen throughout history the detrimental effect of suppressing free speech,” she added.

The New York Post reported that Rodriguez threatened one of its reporters who went to her Bronx apartment Tuesday to ask her questions.

When reporter Reuven Fenton knocked on the door and identified himself, Rodriguez shouted “Get the f–k away from my door, or I’m gonna chop you up with this machete!”

Rodriguez opened the door holding a machete and “alarmingly put the blade to the reporter’s neck,” the Post reported.

The outlet posted photos of the woman holding the machete to Fenton’s neck.

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“Get the f* away from my door! Get the f* away from my door!” she said. She then went back into her apartment and slammed the door, the outlet reported.

Fenton and an accompanying photographer left the building, and Rodriguez chased after them while “armed,” the Post reported.

“If I see you on this block one more f****** time, you’re gonna …,” Rodriguez said while still “wielding” the machete, the outlet reported.

“Get the f* off the block! Get the f* out of here, yo!”

Rodriguez “briefly chased” the photographer to his car. She then approached the reporter and kicked him in the shins before returning to her apartment building, the outlet reported.

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