St. Augustine premieres on the big screen

A younger Augustine and his mother Monica in a scene from Restless Heart The Confessions of Augustine Credit Ignatius Press CNA500x315 US Catholic News 7 30 12 A younger Augustine and his mother, Monica, in a scene from Restless Heart-The Confessions of Augustine. | Ignatius Press.

"Restless Heart," a feature film about the famous theologian St. Augustine of Hippo, is now available for sponsored theatrical screenings across the U.S.

Ignatius Press, the film's American distributor, is encouraging individuals, parishes, church groups or other organizations to bring the film to their towns.

Interested groups and individuals should work with local theaters and other venues to book a screen. Ignatius Press said it will provide a copy of the film and a complete promotional kit for "an affordable fee."

"We are thrilled to bring 'Restless Heart' to the big screen," said Mark Brumley, president of the film's U.S. distributor Ignatius Press.

He said St. Augustine's story is "inspiring and compelling," and his writings are "among the most respected in the world even today."

The $20-million movie was directed by Christian Duguay. It stars Alessandro Preziosi as Augustine.

St. Augustine was the author of many excellent homilies and books, including his "Confessions," a famous account of his childhood and his life as a scholar and bishop in the fourth century Roman Empire. His soul-searching descriptions of his lamented sins and his conversion to Christianity have inspired others throughout the centuries.

Brumley said the movie is "the most moving story of conversion and reconciliation ever brought to the big screen."

The Catholic marketing firm The Maximus Group is arranging the screenings, and those interested in sponsoring screenings should contact them.

Kevin Wandra, a media relations specialist at The Maximus Group, told CNA that the movie will not have a theatrical release. However, the sponsorship program will allow the movie to be shown in theaters from Aug. 28 until early November.

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