Pro-family group urges legislators to defend marriage despite Supreme Court decision

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to intervene yesterday in the May 17 Massachusetts court ruling that has allowed same-sex couples to marry in the state.

Conservative groups had appealed to Supreme Court Justices to overturn the decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

Citizens may have a chance in November 2006 to amend the Massachusetts State constitution if state legislators decide to put the issue before voters as a ballot initiative.

"Massachusetts has already begun the lengthy process of amending its state constitution to overturn the Supreme Judicial Court's usurpation of power in the Goodridge decision," said Peter Sprigg, senior director of policy studies at Family Research Council, in a written comment. “We urge the newly elected legislature and the people to continue and complete this process in defense of both marriage and democracy,” he said.

The council intends to continue working for a Marriage Protection Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which, Sprigg says, would preserve the definition of marriage against judicial activism at the federal level.

"Marriage is about more than tax credits and other financial benefits. It is about preserving the best environment for raising children and the safest, healthiest living situation for adults," says Sprigg.

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