EWTN’s ChurchPOP continues expansion with new Hungarian edition 

ChurchPOP On June 27, 2024, the feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and patroness of the platform, ChurchPOP officially launched content in the Hungarian language. | Credit: ChurchPOP

ChurchPOP, the EWTN News service that provides inspiring, easily shareable Catholic culture and news content on various social media platforms, has added a fifth language edition to its lineup.

On June 27, the feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and patroness of the platform, ChurchPOP officially launched content in the Hungarian language on its website, Facebook, and Instagram.

EWTN News President and COO Montse Alvarado said the new ChurchPOP service in Hungarian, which is also known as the Magyar language, aims to provide content that is “especially appealing and engaging to Hungarian youth” in tandem with ChurchPOP’s existing English-, Spanish-, Portuguese-, and Italian-language services.

Alvarado said ChurchPOP’s new Hungary team is comprised of two translators along with two regularly contributing priests, Father Gabriele Scardocci and Father Zoltán Kovács. 

The service launched with articles on subjects ranging from Catholic prayers and practices to support one’s spiritual journey to miracles, inspiring stories from the saints, and remarkable conversion stories. Already on Facebook alone, the new content has reached hundreds of thousands of people in the Hungarian language, generating over 600,000 impressions.

Reflecting on ChurchPOP’s motto of “Make holy all the things!”, Peter Jakab, head of media mission at EWTN Hungary, said: “I believe being holy means constantly striving for true happiness, with hearts full of joy and souls light and at peace, even when things go south. If ChurchPOP.hu accompanies its readers, both young and old, on this long journey toward holiness, then it will be successfully fulfilling its media mission.” 

Meanwhile, Domonkos Pulay, editor-in-chief of ChurchPOP Hungary, explained the great value of ChurchPOP content.

“ChurchPOP offers you a variety of practical tips on how to become a saint and sanctify the world around you, regardless of where you are, the harshness of your environment, or your state in life,” Pulay said.

“As a Catholic, I am called to be an ‘Alter Christus’ (another Christ) in this century, walking the path of holiness in the footsteps of Christ, and so are you,” Pulay said. “Our mission is to show the world that true happiness means a life firmly rooted in Christ and his Church. At times, it means being a joyful witness of your Catholic faith; other times, it means bearing sufferings with the peace of Christ or being countercultural and a sign of contradiction. Regardless of the circumstances, ChurchPOP is here to assist you on this joyful but hard journey toward heaven.”

EWTN acquired ChurchPOP in 2015. It started in English and has subsequently expanded to include content in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and now Hungarian. Social media platforms featuring ChurchPOP content include its websites, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, X, TikTok, and Telegram.

ChurchPOP’s primary mission, as its motto “Make holy all the things!” indicates, is to convey the Catholic Church’s universal call to holiness (Lumen Gentium, 39-42) and to be present as a companion on the path to holiness and in the great work of sanctifying the world around us.

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