Abortion supporters try to attack Buenos Aires cathedral

On Nov. 1 a mob of abortion supporters and anti-clerical leftists in Argentina tried to deface the Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos Aires but was turned away by the police and a human chain of Catholics.

The would-be vandals marched from the capital city's congressional building to May Square, where police stopped them from attacking the cathedral. The protestors were also met by a large number of Catholics, including many young people, who formed a human barrier at the entrance to the cathedral.

Many shouted "Long live Christ the King," Long live Mary Queen of Heaven," and "Long live our homeland," while others prayed the Rosary or the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel.

At the request of the rector of the cathedral, Father Alejandro Ruso, and with the consent of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, police officers installed a metal fence to protect the church from the same damage the abortion activists caused in the province of Posadas last month.

The pro-abortion protesters in Buenos Aires arrived at the cathedral as vespers was being prayed and began shouting insults and blasphemies against Jesus Christ and priests. 

They also threw eggs at the cathedral, hitting one priest who was inside. Witnesses said one police officer was wounded in the leg during the assault.

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