Lila Rose spreading her US pro-life work to Europe

Pro Life Activist Lila Rose in Rome Dec 4 2012 Credit Estefania Aguirre CNA CNA500x320 US Catholic News 12 4 12 Pro-life activist Lila Rose appears in Rome on Dec. 4, 2012. | Estefania Aguirre-CNA.

A young pro-life American activist is expanding her work overseas after speaking at her first international conference in France.

Lila Rose, who spoke at the International Symposium for Life, held in the southwestern town of Biarritz from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1, is planning on more work abroad.

The conference, drew doctors, pro-life advocates and bishops from the United States, Russia, Spain, France, Canada and the Holy See, and was aimed at raising public awareness, challenging political leaders and educating young people about love and life.

But Lila Rose, who has received death threats and promises of legal action for her undercover work in abortion centers, did not want to release much information on her plans for Europe.

"We don't want to release too many details of our work abroad, but every country in Europe is being affected by abortion," Rose told CNA on Dec. 4.

"The idea is to encourage and come up with some strategies that may have been effective in the United States and use them in Europe," said the 24-year-old, who is originally from California.

"Here in Europe there's definitely a climate of quietness and apathy about this issue out of fear," she said.

Rose works for Live Action, a pro-life group she founded nearly a decade ago that is known for its undercover investigations and exposés on abortion centers.

Europeans have often told her they thought they couldn't do her work and that they would receive attacks they could not withstand.

But Rose said that "if you employ professionalism and put your mind into persuading, you can overcome the challenges you're told you will face."

In fact, she was initially told that no one would listen to her, but over time she learned to be persistent and bold.

Rose explained that she is expanding her work to include Europe because "America has exported its pro-abortion ideologies, and so our interest must also look beyond the United States.

"We have to pay attention to what is happening internationally to help our investigative program."

Looking at both the present and the future, Rose maintains that abortion is the greatest current human rights abuse, and yet, she maintains a positive attitude because of the changes she is seeing.

"The day for abortion's legal end and a revolution in our culture is already happening," said Rose.

"We've some high hills to climb, but abortion numbers are going down," she said, "and I believe that, because of the cultural changes and successes, the day of the end of abortion is coming soon."

Live Action has documented many abuses over the last five years in the United States, including alleged sex trafficking and sex abuse cover-ups, which she says have an international component.

More in Europe

"There are certainly efforts abroad with the (pro-life) march in Spain and Irish movements run by young people, but the youth movement in the U.S. is really thriving," Rose stated.

"I think it's because there is a lot of synergy and encouragement, which is starting to build up now in Europe," she added.

"Abortion and the culture of death is ruining our countries and it's time to stand up," she said, adding that "a lot of that is beginning to come from the youth and it is only growing."

She called on all Catholics to communicate persuasively to young people about human sexuality and the Theology of the Body, saying it is our responsibility.

Her tips for young Europeans are to not be afraid and to think courageously and creatively.

"You can do more than you think, you're called to do more than you think, and you're needed to do more than you think," she said.

"Discouragements will come, but be brave, stand up and make a difference in your country and God will give you every grace you need, and you will change your country."

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