Movie transmitting Christian values receives rave reviews


Anne Holmes classic children’s novel, “I Am David,” of a 12- year-old refugee fleeing a totalitarian era Bulgaria in the 1950’s has been made into a movie and has been lauded for the Christian values it transmits to young people.

“It is easily the best film for "tweens" since Holes,” wrote Roger Moore, movie critic for the Orlando Sentinel, of the film that deals with themes such as learning to hope, and to trust in others after having been raised to do precisely the opposite in order to survive.

The value and responisbility of life is dealt with; in one scene, the question "What's the point of staying alive?" is asked in a scene in a labour camp."Because if you're alive, you can change things," responds David’s older friend and fellow camp prisoner, played by Jim Caviezel.

I Am David , which featured in the Global Peace Film Festival in Orlando in 2003, also illumines the plight of the many  refugee children in the world today, a theme the movie’s publicity emphasizes.

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