New Facebook game draws from 'The Bible' TV series

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A Christian game developer has launched a new Facebook game based on the History Channel mini-series "The Bible," aiming to offer internet fun while promoting knowledge of Scripture.

"What I'm really passionate about is high-quality Christian entertainment," Brent Dusing, Lightside Games founder and CEO, told CNA on March 11. "In partnering with 'The Bible' Series, we're working with people who share that same passion."

The new game "Light the Way: The Bible," launched on Facebook March 12. It allows players to search for hidden objects, solve puzzles and find differences in side-by-side scene comparisons. It uses images and music from The Bible series, and players can share their progress with other Facebook users.

The game will also be available for iPad in several weeks, while an iPhone launch is scheduled for April.

"If you want to give your kids a game they'll remember, you can teach them to use birds to shoot pigs, or you can teach them the Bible," Dusing said. In his view, the game will help in "building bridges" between parents and kids, friends and neighbors, and Christians and non-Christians.

"We find so many people learn the stories of the Bible through playing the game," he said.

"The Bible" television series, a ten-hour, five-part docudrama, premiered March 3 on the History Channel. Its retelling of stories from the Old Testament and New Testament has reached millions of viewers, and it is presently the highest-rated television show of 2013.

Series producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have endorsed the "Light the Way" game.

"Lightside Games clearly shares our passion for telling the timeless stories of the Bible in new, engaging yet accurate ways," Burnett said.

Downey, who also plays the role of the Virgin Mary in the series, said the producers hope the television series "excites people to open their Bibles and reconnect with the wonderful stories and timeless truths inside."

She said the game is "the perfect way for teachers, parents and children to have fun" while exploring Scripture and engaging with the television series.

Lightside Games, based in Mountain View, Calif., has previously released a Facebook game on the life of Moses and another on the life of Jesus.

"The ability to reach millions upon millions of people around the world with God's Truth in a fun, engaging way is my life's calling," Dusing said. "It's incredibly rewarding to hear testimonies from our players about how their lives have changed."

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