Despite boycott, thousands march against abortion in Spain

More than two thousand people participated in a march for life this past Saturday near the Ministry of Health in Madrid in order to make known to the country's leaders their rejection of abortion, their support for pregnant women and their respect for human life from conception to natural death.

The march was organized by the group Doctors for Life.

According to spokesmen for the association, the march was a success "despite the boycott by some in the mainstream media, who even falsely announced a few days ago that the event had been cancelled."

The protesters, made up in large part of families and young people, carried signs and voiced chants calling for respect for life and denouncing the government's pro-abortion stance.  Many people who passed by the demonstration in their cars honked their horns in an expression of support.

The march included a courageous talk given by two women who had gone through abortions and who called on citizens to support women and help them avoid going through such an experience.

Dr. Juan Francisco Jimenez, a leading member of Doctors for Life, said, "The enthusiastic and large turnout among young people is a sign of social vitality and nothing can keep one from seeing that Spain is pro-life and not pro-death."

Jesus Poveda, leader of Spain's Pro-Life Movement, stated, "There is an unstoppable resurgence of social sensitivity to defending life which goes beyond political ideologies." 

Lastly, the president of Doctors for Life, Enrique Jaureguizar, said the march was convened to ask the government to reverse the law on abortion and to pass legislation that protects pregnant mothers, so that abortion is not the only choice they are given.

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