Pluralism does not justify anti-Catholicism, says Argentinean bishop

Auxiliary Bishop of Mercedes-Lujan, Argentina, Oscar Sarlinga, praised the “pastoral attitude” of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires for calling for a Mass in response to a “blasphemous” art exhibit on display in the Argentinean capital.

“Pluralism, which is legitimate and desirable, should not lead to offenses against Catholics,” said Bishop Sarlinga.

He also expressed gratitude for the support shown by representatives of other faiths, including Jewish and Muslim leaders, and he pointed out that “all human beings have a common origin and a common vocation.”

“The relationship with the only God, who is Father to all mankind, constitutes the basis for believing and living like brothers and sisters,” he said. “In the revelation of God in Christ, this principle is expressed with extreme intensity: ‘He that does not love does not know God, for God is love’.”

Bishop Sarlinga recalled that, “As we have entered the new millennium, we have hope in  us that the way human beings relate to one another will be increasingly inspired by the ideal of authentic fraternity.”

“If this fundamental ideal is not shared, peace will not be possible,” he warned.

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