The Said di Lavor family did not leave their commitment to protecting unborn children at home when they made the trip to World Youth Day in Rio.

"We make these plastic babies that are … 12 weeks in their actual size," Cecilia Said di Lavor explained in a July 25 interview with CNA.

Along with the models of an unborn child the family is handing out pamphlets to young people with explanations in Spanish, English and Portuguese about the stages of fetal development.

The Said di Lavors are committed to their ministry because the pressure for Brazil to legalize abortion is enormous. The status quo in Brazil allows abortion if the woman's life is considered to be in danger or if the pregnancy is the result of rape.

The project the family supports is called "Choose Life," which goes through the different stages of human development starting from a zygote, when unborn children develop their nervous system, organs, hair and nails, among other things.

Their dedication to protecting unborn babies is not the only thing on their mind, however.

Cecilia, who showed great enthusiasm for being in Rio de Janeiro, described Pope Francis as "very charismatic" and "ready to make changes."

"I don't know how much he will change Brazil, but he has found a language to communicate with the youth," she remarked.

"I think it's great that he visited a favela this morning. He is very brave," she added.

"This is the third World Youth Day that I take part in after Germany and Spain, and I'm here because I really love this event."

She was with her family, including her parents, two brothers and sister, Gabriela, just a few hours before the event's July 25 opening ceremony at Avenida Atlantica on Copacabana beach.

"We have the biggest Catholic country in the world and the Church is very strong here," said Grabiela Said di Lavor.

"And I think that after his visit, it will be easier for us to understand what the Church is saying to us," she added.

Gabriela shared many things the Pope has said have touched her heart, but the thing that touched her the most was when he said, "I didn't bring gold or silver, but I have brought my most precious thing, which is Jesus Christ."

"I see that we are all united, all over the world, and we are not alone," she said.

Gabriela believes that this event will not change Rio's crime problem overnight, but that it will "definitely start changing people's attitude."