Jesus continues to pray for us from heaven, urges Pope

Pope Francis rides through St Peters Square after Mass on April 28 2013 Credit Stephen Driscoll CNA CNA 4 29 13 Pope Francis rides through St. Peter's Square after Mass on April 28, 2013. | Stephen Driscoll/CNA

Pope Francis devoted his morning homily to the fact that Jesus prayed for his apostles and the people he encountered on earth, highlighting that he still prays for us in heaven.

When we pray to Jesus, the Pope stressed, Jesus shows his Father in heaven the wounds on his hands, feet and his side, the price of our salvation, which "is as if he is saying: Father, may this not be lost!"

The pontiff directed his Oct. 28, 2013 homily to those gathered in the Saint Martha guesthouse of the Vatican.

At the beginning of his reflections, Pope Francis spoke of the day's Gospel reading, taken from St. Luke, in which Jesus prayed for the whole night before he chose the Twelve Apostles, pointing out that Jesus continues to pray for us even today.

In praying to God to choose his apostles, the Pope stressed that Jesus was "arranging his team," noting that afterwards many people came to him in order "to listen to him and to be healed," because they recognized his ability to heal.

The pontiff then reflected on three different relationships which Jesus had, which were "Jesus and the Father, Jesus and his Apostles, Jesus and the people," stressing that "Jesus prayed to the Father for the Apostles and for the people" and that he is still praying for the Church.

Jesus, urged the Pope, saved us with his prayers, with his sacrifice on the Cross, and with his life, noting that although his is gone, he continues to pray.

The pontiff then underlined that although Jesus is praying from heaven, he is not a spirit, but a person with flesh like ours, except his flesh is in the glory of God.

"We often say to each other: pray for me. I need prayers. I have so many problems," noted the Pope, "but this is good, eh? Because we brothers must pray for each other."

Pope Francis concluded his homily saying that Jesus prays for each one of us personally, and that he does so with courage, showing his Father the cost of our salvation – his wounds.

When we think about this, urged the Pope, we must thank God for giving us a brother who prays and intercedes for us, saying "Lord, you have saved me. And now pray for me."

"It is to him we must entrust our problems, our life and many other things so that He may take them to the Father."

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