A new multi-device content delivery system has been hailed as a "game-changer" for the way Christians receive devotional materials to help grow their faith.

"The amount of Christian content available through iDisciple is unparalleled," said Mike Kendrick, president and CEO of iDisciple.

"But even though iDisciple is so robust, the user experience is simple and straightforward. When people dive into the app, iDisciple will meet them wherever they are in their walk with God."

The aim of the new app is to give Christians easy access to a growing database of over 30,000 pieces of content including devotionals, articles, Bible studies and sermons.

"iDisciple is like the iTunes of Christian content," he explained. "This is a game-changer for Christian discipleship."

A free version of the app gives users access to basic features such as devotionals and articles while a $4.99 a month version will allow the user to create a customized profile for receiving content that is relevant to their preferences.

The app stores the user's preferred content in a "cloud" database so subscribers can access their content from any web-capable device including iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Content providers include Christian organizations such as Focus on the Family, Proverb 31 Ministries and World Vision.

Due to an increasing demand for Catholic content, Catholic News Agency, through the parent organization, Association for Catholic Information, will provide content faithful the Church teaching through the channel, "When In Rome."

In addition to receiving devotional content, users may also use the app to give to their favorite charity through the "Giving App" with their credit card or account credit from referring other members.

"Our mission is two-fold," Kendrick said. "First, to help as many believers as possible grow in their relationship with God by creating the world's largest discipleship platform. Second, to create a generosity engine so we can support as many Christian ministries as possible across the globe."

The app is the work of Family Christian Ministry, so all of the income will be donated to support Christian charities and ministries.

Although the app is already launched, the content providers are continuing to grow their materials everyday. To learn more about iDisciple, visit www.iDisciple.org.