Argentinean bishops warns condoms won’t stop AIDS

Bishop Joaquin Piña Batllevell of Iguazu, Argentina, said this week measures proposed by authorities to combat AIDS, such as the distribution of condoms, “many times are neither the most adequate nor the most effective.”

In his message titled “The Fight Against AIDS,” the bishop recalled that according to UN data, three million HIV victims died in 2003, while the number of those infected is believed to be 42 million.

Bishop Piña warned that although Africa is the most affected continent, countries such as Argentina are not exempt from this pandemic.  He said that for this reason it is urgent that adequate methods be applied.

He lamented that “despite many speeches,” authorities only know how to distribute condoms, and as a result “each day there are more people infected and more unwanted pregnancies.”

“Could it be that safe sex is really not that safe?” he asked, warning that perhaps “because of so much propaganda young people say, let’s try it,” or they do not think about the consequences when they see it is so easy to do.

Sex-ed and AIDS

Bishop Piña said sex-ed for young people is necessary but when it is not done correctly “it can be a weapon that turns against us.”  He added that rather than talking to them about sexual initiation, young people should be “educated about love and responsibility.”

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