Mexican bishop: 'El Chapo' blood money should be returned to community

Joaquin Guzman El Chapo Credit Day Donaldson via Flickr CC BY 20 CNA 1 14 16 Joaquin Guzman, El Chapo. | Day Donaldson via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

Bishop Benjamin Castillo Plascencia of Celaya, Mexico praised the capture of the notorious drug lord, Joaquín Guzmán Loera, known as "El Chapo," saying that he hopes it will lessen the extent of drug trafficking and that the cartel's money will be returned to the local community.

"I hope this will slow down drug trafficking a bit," Bishop Castillo Plascencia told reporters Jan. 12. "Good thing they captured him ... I think he's a person who owes his debt to justice and he's got to pay."

The bishop questioned where the money that was confiscated from the Guzmán's cartel will go, saying that since much of it was earned at the expense of innocent people's lives, some of it should be given back to the local community.

"Everything they take away from the gangsters, what's going on? This remains unclear. If that (wealth of the criminals) is made with a lot of people's blood, something ought to be left for the community," the bishop said.

Although Bishop Castillo Plascencia is glad that "El Chapo" is once again in custody, he noted that it is difficult to prevent another similar drug lord from continuing the same work.

"The thing is that one (leader) goes out only to be followed by another. He had a strong organization, with a lot of resources, very advanced, but his capture has to do some good," the bishop said.

Guzmán was captured for the third time on Jan. 8 after a deadly shootout with police that killed six of his men in the town of Los Mochis in his home state of Sinaloa, six months after his second escape from prison.

He had been in touch with people in the entertainment business, including Mexican actress Kate del Castillo and American actor Sean Penn, in hopes of having a film made about his life.

Back in June 2015, Guzmán made international headlines when he walked out of the maximum security prison, El Altiplano, through hole in his shower floor that led to a mile-long tunnel complete with lights and ventilation.

His escape spurred criticism of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto who had touted the criminal's previous capture as an essential step in stopping drug-related violence in the country.

This drug lord has been sent back to El Altiplano prison where security measures have been bolstered, but the United States has submitted a formal request for his extradition.

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