Family Research Council, CWA applaud president’s appointment to FCC

Yesterday, President Bush appointed Kevin Martin, a member of the Federal Communications Commission to replace outgoing Michael Powell as head of the office.

Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council was delighted with the announcement and said, “Families across America should be extremely pleased that President Bush has appointed a man who has headed the effort at the FCC to enforce indecency law on television."

Perkins added that, "The previous lack of FCC enforcement of indecency laws has encouraged networks to add more and more sexual incidents, fouler language, and even indecent exposure.”

In light of what many view as declining decency standards on television, including Janet Jackson’s Super bowl “wardrobe malfunction” of last year, religious and family oriented groups nationwide are praising the appointment.

Jan LaRue, Chief Council of Concerned Women of America said that, “Commissioner Martin is the man we backed because he has a consistent and strong track record of decency enforcement."

She added that, “He has been a champion of cleaning up the filth in broadcasting, and being chairman will only further posture him to do just that. We have repeatedly urged our 500,000 constituents to flood the White House with calls urging the President to choose Kevin Martin for this essential role."

President Bush originally appointed Martin to the Commission in April of 2001.

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