The Dominicans have posted on their social media a greeting for the 110th birthday of Sister Marie Bernadette, "the oldest Dominican sister in the world."

Sister Marie Bernadette, who lives in Dax, in France's Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, is not only the oldest sister in the order but she also set a historic record for her years of profession.

In a Jan. 5 post on the Dominicains de Bordeaux Facebook page, the Dominicans quoted the sister's superior on the occasion of her birthday: "For me, what's most beautiful is that she will be professed for 90 years this coming April 18!!! That's a record."

The post also indicated that Sister Marie Bernadette is one of the oldest sisters in the community and that she prays for all the Dominicans. They also called on everyone to pray for an increase in monastic vocations.

At the Dax monastery, the Dominican sisters lead a life of prayer, contemplation, and they also do sewing and make pastries for income.