Mexico City constitution blasted for excluding right to life

BanderaZocalo FlickrLWYang 060217 Mexican flag in front of the Mexican cathedral. | Flickr LWYang (CC BY 2.0).

The Catholic weekly of the Archdiocese of Mexico City criticized the city's new constitution, saying that "it does not recognize what is most valuable for any human being, even from the maternal womb, the dignity of life."

In their editorial published Feb. 5, Desde la Fe described the new constitution as "an illegitimate document, hasty, a recipe of ideologies and juridical absurdities."

The voting on the articles of the Constitution ended on Jan. 31. The document will go into full effect on Sept. 17, 2018.

For the Catholic weekly, what ought to be a foundational document ended up being "hijacked by intolerant, murderous and absurd leftist positions by recognizing rights where they ought not to be and not recognizing those which ought to be in the legal document."

"The debate on the right to life was unparalleled. By the imposition of the majority, the first of all rights was left out of the text."

This reality, the publication said, "hides the immorality of euthanasia, and the lucrative and abominable business of abortion, which is worse than drug trafficking."

"The Pyrrhic victory of the constitutional assembly serves to cover over the millions in revenue of the abortion industry that enriches a few persons more and more. In 2014, the World Health Organization stated that in Mexico there could be 1.5 million annual abortions, the profits for which would be greater than approximately $194 million."

Desde la Fe pointed out that "the juicy and lucrative business of death mainly benefits pharmaceutical companies and laboratories that make medications to induce the death of human beings."

"At 160 years after the promulgation of the 1857 Constitution and in the centenary of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States that governs us, these anniversaries are overshadowed by the promulgation of a poor text, as opposed to the liberal principles of justice and equality: a murderous constitution has been produced that does not recognize what is most valuable for any human being, even from the maternal womb, the dignity of life," they concluded.

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