Pope John Paul ‘transcended national and religious boundaries’

The life of Pope John Paul II “truly represents one of the most profound in modern human history,” said the Thomas More Law Center in a statement on the death of Pope John Paul II, who died April 2 at the age of 84.

The statement highlights the Pope’s persistence in “calling all people to a life of prayer, holiness and dedication to Jesus Christ in the midst of a fallen world.

“He warned not only Catholics but also all people of goodwill, of the ‘enormous and dramatic clash’ between the culture of life and the culture of death, between good and evil,” the statement reads.

“As a champion of life, he boldly proclaimed the responsibility of all people to build communities of faith and respect for the inherent dignity of every human being.”

The statement pointed out that the third-longest reigning Pope “spoke out against abuses of the human person and rejected the selfishness of the West manifested in abortion, homosexuality, and the destructive forces of materialism and secularism. He once stated: ‘A nation that kills its own children has no future.’”

The Pope “faithfully protected the traditions and doctrines of the Catholic Church, defending them with intellectual vigor and pastoral discernment.”

The first Polish Pope “transcended national and religious boundaries by calling all people to a life of faith and hope,” the statement reads. “He will forever be remembered by the first words of his pontificate: ‘Be Not Afraid!’”

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