Bishop of Chiapas says Benedict XVI right Pope for right time

Bishop Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel of Chiapas, Mexico, says Pope Benedict XVI is the Pontiff “the Church needs” and those who criticize him “show their ignorance of the Catholic faith once again”

In a statement the bishop said criticism of the Pope is coming especially from those who want him “to authorize abortion, approve of homosexual unions, women priests, euthanasia, and the elimination of priestly celibacy.”

Bishop Arizmendi said such people do not know the Catholic faith and are incapable of “accepting the Gospel of Jesus,” and therefore they resort to labels such as conservative, hard-liner, orthodox, and others.

Bishop Arizmendi noted that Benedict XVI participated in the Second Vatican Council, and therefore “he will continue with the commitment to implement it.”  He added that the Pope is conscious that “there are many things that sully the face of the Church and he has clearly denounced those.”

Regarding liberation theology, the bishop noted that the Holy Father “does not condemn the liberation that is in accord with the Gospel and the Magisterium of the Church; rather, he recommends it and requires it.”  What the Pope rejects, he added, is “Marxist, materialist and atheistic liberation.”

Lastly, Bishop Arizmendi exhorted the faithful to accept the election of the new Pope with mature faith.

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