Bishops and parents in Mexico against homosexual campaign

The Bishops Conference in Mexico (CEM) and the National Union of Parents (UNPF), energically expressed their opposition to the campaign promoted by the Secretary of Health (SSA), who under the excuse of fighting homophobia results on promoting homosexuality.

The president of the Bishops Conference’s Comission for Family Pastoral and Bishop of Matehuala, Msgr. Rodrigo Aguilar Martínez, warned that the campaign of the SSA strikes directly against natural law because it affirms that homosexuality is a valid option of life.

The Church rejects this initiative because it does not promote a straight sexuality, which implies the relationship between a man and a woman, he added.

On a dialogue held with a local source, Bishop Aguilar Martínez said that the equivalence to marriage that Spain has conferred to gay unions is a consequence of the ruling “relativism”, that affirms that absolute and universal values do not exist, which means that each one is free to do his or her will, without ever considering the involucration of a third party, as is the case of children adoption by same-sex couples.

On the other hand, UNFP announced that an international and nation-wide campaign will be launched if Frenk Mora, head representative of SSA, insists on promoting homosexualism, which is “anti-natural and abhorrent”.

UNFP president, Guillermo Bustamante Manilla, warned that the appointment of Frenk Mora to the General Secretariat of the World Health Organization (WHO) will have negative consequences. It even seems that he might be trying to content everybody in order to gain merits for the appointment.

SSA´s campaign begun last Monday broadcasting radial spots in seven cities. It was informed that in a short time, this will be expanded to twelve cities. The main goal is to reach the whole country.

Last March. Msgr. Aguilar explained that if, on one hand homophobia should be rejected, on the other hand, homosexuality should not be presented as a valid personal option, because it goes against natural law.

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