Report: Vandals on Catholic campus target pro-life community

Bellarmine University Credit Murph5253 CC 30 CNA Bellarmine University. | Murph5253 CC 3.0.

Recent vandalism on the Catholic campus of Bellarmine University reportedly targeted the school's pro-life community, destroying a "Cemetery of Innocents" display with pro-abortion messages.

The pro-life display, organized by the university's Catholic Students Association, was vandalized on Monday night, according to reports. Crosses from the display were stolen, and messages such as "Support Planned Parenthood" and "Abortion is legal and an unalienable right in all 50 states" were written on the signs. The vandals have yet to be identified.

Bellarmine University is a private, Catholic college located in Louisville, Kentucky with a total enrollment of around 3,800 students.

According to Students for Life of America, vandalism targeting pro-life groups on school campuses across the country is on the rise. A number of different states have reported similar attacks against pro-life displays on school campuses, including high schools, in recent years.

"The attack is another example of the hostility on college campuses to free-speech, especially those of pro-lifers," stated Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, in a press release.

"The students who vandalized the displays should be ashamed of themselves and the university should take swift action against them."

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