Church in Mexico says law on homosexual unions is “aberration”

The Catholic Church in Mexico called a proposed bill to legalize homosexual unions in the capital an “aberration” and called on believers in the legislature to vote against the bill.  In its weekly newspaper, the Archdiocese of Mexico city warned that the bill being debated in congress could pave the way for the adoption of children by homosexuals.

The text says that the rights of homosexual persons should be respected, since they are based on human nature and not on one’s sexual orientation.  It also points out that the Church in Mexico has spoken out against the discrimination of persons who suffer from this tendency and has shown its diligent care for them.

“Marriage,” it points out, “that is, the stable union between one man and one woman sustained by love, with the purpose of mutually supporting each other and transmitting life, which is the pillar of the family, is not a mere human convention, it is written in the nature of the human person and it corresponds to the design of the Creator.”

If laws protect this natural institution, it is because marriage and the family are the foundation of society and provide an irreplaceable good to the begetting and formation of persons.

“It is not a private reality, but rather a social one and therefore the laws should guarantee its stability and its adequate development,” the text said.

“The rejection of this law is not an assault against their rights, which they can exercise with the laws that already exist without the necessity of simulating families for the adoption of children,” the texts adds.

The Cardinal Primate of Mexico, Archbishop Norberto Rivera Carrera, has expressed is complete rejection of the bill, which, he says is detrimental to families.  “The thinking of the Church is very clear; there is no institution that can be compared to marriage.  If this becomes law, it will be to the detriment of marriage,” he said.

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