'Gospel is not for sale': Ugandan Anglicans on gay ordination

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not for sale. That was the firm and unmoveable response of the Anglican Church of Uganda after the U.S. Episcopalian Church said it planned to send a delegation and financial aid to the installation of an Anglican bishop in Uganda.

The Anglican Church of Uganda cut off all ties with the Episcopalian Church in the U.S. after if officially recognized same-sex unions and consecrated openly homosexual Gene Robinson as the Bishop of New Hampshire Diocese two months ago.

"Recent comments by your staff suggesting that your proposed visit demonstrates that normal relations with the Church of Uganda continue, have made your message clear: If we fall silent about what you have done promoting unbiblical sexual immorality and we overturn or ignore the decision to declare a severing of relationship with ECUSA, poor displaced persons will receive aid," said the letter. "Here is our response: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not for sale, even among the poorest of us who have no money. Eternal life, obedience to Jesus Christ, and conforming to His Word are more important."

The letter was addressed to Bishop Frank Griswold and dated Dec.16. It was signed by Canon Stanley Ntagali, the provincial secretary of the Church of Uganda, and Anglican Archbishop Livingstone Mpalanyi.Nkoyoyo of Uganda.

The Ugandan bishops said they were "shocked to receive a letter" of the U.S. Episcopalian Church decision to send a delegation and "to bring aid and assistance for the people who live in desperate conditions in the camps in Gulu that you have ignored for years.

"The Word of God is clear that you have chosen a course of separation that leads to spiritual destruction. Because we love you, we cannot let that go unanswered. If your hearts remain hardened to what the Bible clearly teaches, and your ears remain deaf to the cries of other Christians, genuine love demands that we do not pretend that everything is normal," said the letter.

"As a result any delegation you send cannot be welcomed, received, or seated. Neither can we share fellowship or even receive desperately needed resources. If, however, you repent and return to the Lord, it would be an occasion of great joy."

The Ugandan bishops indicated their joy in welcoming delegations from churches with which their relationship remains steadfast. They also restated their commitment to break ties with other churches in the Anglican Communion that decide to recognize same-sex unions or the ordination of openly homosexual bishops.

For the full letter, go to: http://www.anglican.tk/docs/uganda.pdf

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