Undocumented are not commerce, says Archdiocese of Mexico

In the latest edition of its weekly newspaper, the Archdiocese of Mexico City denounced what it calls the commerce mentality that exists in reference to Mexican migrants in the United States.

The article explains that one of the reasons for which Mexico has become the greatest exporter of illegal workers to the United States is because of “the corruption in the system that has been governing us for 70 years, warped economic policy, continual political crisis, the lack of opportunities, and ever-decreasing salaries.”

Referring to the proposal by President George Bush that would grant temporary legal status to millions of Mexican workers, the editorial highlighted its positive aspects, including the possibility for workers to enter and leave the US and possibly bring their families with them.

It also praised plans for allowing a renewable three-year working permit, a minimum wage, social security and health benefits, as well as access to education, retirement plans and loans.

The editorial said negative aspects of the proposal included the automatic denial of legal residence, the requirement that an illegal immigrant be currently employed in order to receive a permit, and that workers whose visa is expired or are unemployed will not be allowed to remain in the US.

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