Many pro life, religious groups adopt a wait and see attitude toward Supreme Court nominee

Earlier today, President Bush tapped White House counsel Harriet Miers to fill the seat of retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor--a move which pro-life groups are responding to with mixed reactions.

The nomination of 60- year old Miers, who has never served as a judge, comes as the court prepares to begin their new session led by just-confirmed Chief Justice John Roberts. 

The group, Concerned Women for America opted to take a wait and see attitude toward the nomination. Jan LaRue, chief counsel for the organization said that "We give Harriet Miers the benefit of the doubt because so far, President Bush has selected nominees to the federal courts who are committed to the written Constitution." 

She added however, that "whether we can support her will depend on what we learn from her record and the hearing process."

Fr. Frank Pavone, head of the group Priests for Life, expressed optimism at the pick.

He praised the president for a timely nomination and said that "Our prayers are with Harriet Miers this morning as she begins this important process. We trust the President's judgment and his determination to fulfill his promises about the kind of Justices he wants to see on the Court.”

Others are more skeptical however. According to records released by the Federal Election Committee, Miers financially supported Al Gore and Lloyd Bensten--both of whom are pro-abortion--in the 1980’s.

This has raised criticism and serious questions among many pro-lifers who see the court as being in a key position to rule on such heated topics as abortion, stem cell research homosexual marriage and human cloning in the coming years.

Roberts, and now Miers, should she be appointed could be instrumental swing voters on these key cultural issues.  

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