HLI calls on Argentinean President to withdraw pro-abortion Supreme Court nomination

In an open letter addressed to Argentinean President Néstor Kirchner, Fr. Thomas J. Euteneuer and Dr. Ignacion Barreiro, President and Director of Human Life International (HLI) respectively, have requested the withdrawal of the nomination of Dr. Carmen Argibay to the Argentinean Supreme Court.

The letter states that the nominee’s decision to call herself a “militant atheist” and “in favor of abortion” is “cause for grave concern to the members of Human Life International, a Catholic organization that defends life, faith and the family all over the world, through a wide network of various national groups.”

The letter recalls that “the defense of the inalienable rights that God has granted to the human person is not limited to political borders, and therefore it does not constitute an intrusion into the domestic affairs of a sovereign nation.”

The letter also recalls that one of the arguments put forth in favor of Dr. Argibay was that they were looking for someone who would represent Argentinean women.  “It is profoundly perplexing that one would consider an average Argentinean woman someone who defines herself as a ‘feminist,’ ‘militant atheist,’ ‘abortion supporter,’ ‘leftist,’ and someone who has never been married or raised a family, despite being 64 years-old.”

Leaders of Human Life International also reminded Kirchner of “the oath you swore upon the Holy Gospels when you became President of your country,” and they point out that “it is very important that you take care that all those in public service respect the laws of the Argentinean nation.”

“One cannot serve in public office and act against the laws and values of one’s nation.  There is no legal argument to justify the nomination of a person with values opposed to the Constitution, to legal tradition, history, and the sense of the great people of Argentina.”

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