Expert calls on movie industry to promote true value of women

During the II International Symposium on Education and Film, held in Valencia, Spain, the former director of the Interdisciplinary Group for Women’s Issues in Mexico, Valeria Guerra Soler, emphasized the need for women to have a more dynamic presence in the film industry and that movies should promote “a greater social presence for women.”

Guerra Soler said movies ought to bear witness to “the characteristics proper to women, such as their fulfillment in love, their strength, their feminine genius, their mission of protecting life and their intuition,” which helps them understand others and “contribute to the richness of interpersonal relationships.”

As examples of a “correct and appropriate treatment of women,” she mentioned the characters of Mary of Nazareth in “The Passion of the Christ” and Mae Braddock in “Cinderella Man.”

Film should be a tool, she continued, that shows that women, with their particular characteristics, help “to configure the civilization of love” by affirming “the value of life and love,” and that, “having an intimate relationship with the mystery of the transmission of life, they are especially endowed to transmit and protect life and love.”

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