Poll: Women say abortion makes life worse

Only 16 percent of all of the women polled for a new national survey believe abortion makes women's lives better, reported WorldNetDaily.com.

Among the women who described themselves as pro-choice, less than 30 percent believe abortion generally improves women's lives, and 67 percent would more likely vote for a candidate who calls for government support for grief counseling to assist women who experience emotional problems after an abortion.

"At least one of every four women voters has had an abortion, and most of these women consider it to be an ugly, painful memory," explained David C. Reardon director of the Elliot Institute, which conducted the survey. Most post-abortive women have many regrets about their abortions and therefore don't support pro-abortion special interest groups, he added.

Reardon says the institute’s studies and polling data indicate that most women do not support easier access to abortion, federal funding for abortion, or the nomination of federal judges who will strike down abortion regulations. But they do want politicians to show they understand the pressures women face.

"Generally, what post-abortive women are looking for in others is understanding and compassion," Reardon told WorldNetDaily.com. "But while on one hand they can no longer swallow the pro-abortionists' argument that abortion is a good thing, they also fear that anyone who readily condemns abortion is also ready to condemn them."

The Elliot Institute will publish their findings in a new pocket guide called "Reversing the Gender Gap: Touch the Hearts, Earn the Trust, and Win the Votes of 30 Million Post-Abortive Women."

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